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We had a great time at the Newburyport Green Stride Half Marathon this year.

Black Thunder Singers:

The owner of Visions Kitchens, Ernie Proper, along with other family members which make up the Black Thunder Singers, have won a Native American Music Award for Best Pow Wow Recording in 2012 and have been nominated again for 2013 for a new track on a CD dedicated to our Veterans. 

To learn more about Black Thunder Singers click here 

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Visions Kitchens is a proud member of many local and national organizations for the betterment of design and the local business community.  Here are a few of the organizations that we are proud members of.  


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Top 10 Reasons to Build or Buy an Energy-Efficient Home

We came across this from a friend and felt it was good to share with our readers as well.


Saving the environment is one thing, but did you know you can also save money by converting to an energy-efficient home? Read our top 10 reasons to go green.

By buying or building an energy- efficient home, you can reap scores of benefits. And most of them–are you paying attention?–have to do with saving you money. Generally speaking, switching to energy efficiency can save you thousands of dollars every single year.

But there are many other reasons to choose one of these progressive homes aside from money. Take a look below for the top ten reasons to buy or build an energy-efficient house.


Read the rest of the story here.


Visions's newest designer


Portsmouth's Black Thunder Singers win 2011 Native American Music Award  

This article was originally posted on the Green Alliance blog by Dave on Oct 11, 2011

When Visions Kitchens & Design co-owners Nathan Johnson and Ernie Proper aren't busy designing green kitchens for their customers, the two friends celebrate their Native American roots by hitting the road with the Black Thunder Singers, performing at Pow Wows all over New England.  

 The duo just got back from the 2011 Native American Music Awards, held on October 7th at the Seneca Niagara Hotel & Casino in New York's Niagara Falls, where the Black Thunder Singers won “Best Pow Wow Recording” for their album Black Thunder.  

 “This is the Native American equivalent to the Grammy’s,” said Johnson. “For Pow Wow groups, this is the highest award you can get.

“To be nominated is an honor,” he noted. “To win is unbelievable. It feels kind of surreal.”

Both Johnson and Proper see their music as a celebration as of their Native American identities.

“I am Hunka Lakota and Ernie is Lakota Oglala,” Johnson noted with pride.

That made the experience of winning at the 2011 Native American Music Awards all the more rewarding for these two longtime friends and business partners, who first met 13 years ago at a Boy Scout summer camp.

“There were performances throughout the awards ceremony,” according to Johnson. “It was very cool to be there.”

“If people want to explore this type of music, they can attend any one of the Pow Wows now taking place on a regular basis throughout New England,” he said.

Black Thunder Singers next performance is scheduled for Sunday, October 16 at the York Harvest Fest Pow Wow. The event runs from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM, right across the street from Yorks Wild Kingdom. The group's award winning album Black Thunder will be available for purchase at the show and is also available online 24/7 on Amazon and iTunes.

Lakota beliefs also influence the way Johnson and Proper do business as the co-owners of Visions Kitchens and Design. 

“According to the Lakota tradition, the Earth is out mother and we operate our business with that in mind,” as Johnson puts it. “The Lakota always ask the question, ‘How are we impacting the environment seven generations from now?'"

A Green Alliance Business Partner, Visions Kitchens and Design is working to spread that kind of green mindset by offering Green Card holders a free initial consultation, plus 15 percent off all qualifying cabinets and countertops.