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We had a great time at the Newburyport Green Stride Half Marathon this year.

Black Thunder Singers:

The owner of Visions Kitchens, Ernie Proper, along with other family members which make up the Black Thunder Singers, have won a Native American Music Award for Best Pow Wow Recording in 2012 and have been nominated again for 2013 for a new track on a CD dedicated to our Veterans. 

To learn more about Black Thunder Singers click here 

Member Organizations

Visions Kitchens is a proud member of many local and national organizations for the betterment of design and the local business community.  Here are a few of the organizations that we are proud members of.  


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Kitchen Design Company Ties Lakota Heritage to ‘Green’ Practices

Visions Owners Ernest and Nathan with their family at a local pow wow“Much of what we do is with the intent to limit, as much as possible, the negative impact we have on the earth,” says Nathan Johnson, co-owner of Hampton-based Visions Kitchens & Design. “We also think of community and families first.”

Launched in late 2010 by business partners Johnson and Ernest Proper, Visions Kitchens & Design is a kitchen design company specializing in cabinets, countertops, and closet systems. Its approach encompasses every step of the design process, assuring that a new kitchen, bath, library, fireplace or home office fits seamlessly within the overall feel of the room and home.

Johnson and Proper bring a unique perspective to their work. Both can trace their lineage back to Native American roots. Lakota, to be exact: Johnson is Hunka — or adopted — Lakota, while Proper is Lakota Oglala and Mi’kmaq. November being Native American Heritage Month, Johnson and Proper’s unique journey is one on which both are proud to reflect.

“According to the Lakota tradition, the Earth is our Mother, and we operate our business with that in mind, absolutely,” explains Johnson. “The Lakota always ask the question, How are we impacting the environment seven generations ahead?”

Because of the principals’ background, Visions emphasizes green initiatives and approaches, including partnering with sources that practice sustainable harvesting; making use of bamboo and other sustainable wood products; incorporating low or no VOC paints, stains and finishes; utilizing reclaimed or recycled cabinet and countertop materials; as well as specializing in design techniques that can help the owner receive points towards LEED certification.

“I’ve worked for other design companies. I don’t agree with not caring about the waste that can come from remodeling, and I feel customers are people, not just another check,” Johnson says.



Honor the Ocean with Visions and Blue Ocean 


Aug 6, 2012

Published in the Portsmouth Patch and Exeter Patch

By Marlayne Saidnawey of the Green Alliance

Partners Nathan Johnson and Ernest Proper run Visions Kitchen and Design with a commitment to sustainability that goes beyond just the beginner green steps that many businesses may take, incorporating social responsibility and community outreach into their unique business model.  Now that commitment is being extended to the regions beautiful coastline.

As proud Native Americans, they donate much of their free time to the Lakota community, basing their business motto on that very heritage.

“According to the Lakota tradition, the Earth is our mother, and we operate our business with that in mind, absolutely,” explains Nathan Johnson. “The Lakota always ask the question, ‘how are we impacting the environment seven generations ahead?’”

This ideology has helped Visions Kitchens grow into the green resource it is today, with reclaimed wood and recycled countertops, water-based stain finishes, and no-added formaldehyde plywood being just a few of their eco-friendly products and practices. Recently, Johnson and Proper began offering cabinets made from reclaimed wood, meaning no trees are cut down in the production process.

Since opening their Hampton showroom last December, Johnson has cultivated a deep personal connection with the Seacoast: “Moving our offices to Hampton and spending a lot more time with the local community at the beaches has helped me see just how important these places are for our local culture and communities,” he says.

To celebrate this connection, Visions Kitchens has started a new campaign, donating a portion of their sales to the marine support non-profit, Blue Ocean Society, in an effort to help raise awareness and much-needed funds for the group.


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Top 10 Reasons to Build or Buy an Energy-Efficient Home

We came across this from a friend and felt it was good to share with our readers as well.


Saving the environment is one thing, but did you know you can also save money by converting to an energy-efficient home? Read our top 10 reasons to go green.

By buying or building an energy- efficient home, you can reap scores of benefits. And most of them–are you paying attention?–have to do with saving you money. Generally speaking, switching to energy efficiency can save you thousands of dollars every single year.

But there are many other reasons to choose one of these progressive homes aside from money. Take a look below for the top ten reasons to buy or build an energy-efficient house.


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Local green businesses partner for April 15 beach cleanup 

This article was originaly posted on on March 26, 2012 by David Anderson of the Green Alliance

HAMPTON BEACH — With literally tons of litter being left behind on New Hampshire's beaches, there is a real need for local volunteers to help cleanup after the over 1 million people who visit popular Seacoast destinations like Hampton Beach each year.

That's why two local eco-minded entrepreneurs, Johnmark O'Brien of the York Harbor-based Green Maids and Nathan Johnson of Visions Kitchens and Design in Hampton, plan to celebrate Earth Day a bit early this year by organizing a beach cleanup at Hampton Beach on Sunday, April 15. They invite local residents and visitors alike to come out and volunteer from 10 to 11:30 a.m.

The duo is reaching out to local green groups like the Green Alliance and Blue Ocean Society, both headquartered in Portsmouth, to help make the beach cleanup a success.
Last September, over 1,000 volunteers turned out to pick up more than 8,000 pounds of trash as part of the annual New Hampshire Coastal Cleanup organized by the Blue Ocean Society. The tally included a mind boggling 28,109 cigarette butts and filters. Recognizing that success, Johnson and O'Brien plan to donate $1 to the Blue Ocean Society for each person who shows up to volunteer at their beach cleanup on April 15, up to $500.

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